University of Hull

Our sales & marketing team worked closely with the University of Hull providing our full foodservice support and guidance.

The University of Hull (UOH) has introduced a new oriental food counter in their Canham Turner building with King Asia's: Finger Foods, Street Food Noodle Bowls and Oriental Mains concepts in place. As well as a selection of well-known oriental snacks and drinks brands from Asia.

As part of our support with The University of Hull we assisted in the launch of the new unit, demonstrating and training staff in how to use our concepts. In addition to this, our marketing team produced comprehensive point of sale marketing for the new unit and our sales team has continued to support UOH following the launch.

Case Studies

Our King Asia World Foods brand goes beyond just our authentic foods; our sales & marketing team are happy to help with point of sale, sampling sessions and any other support to help our customers. Take a look at our case studies to see how King Asia has worked successfully with our coustomers to create exciting food offerings.

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